boston is calling: festival weekend in boston

Sometimes you just have a weekend so killer you can’t help but keep talking about it.

It’s that word vomit, except it feels more like word vomit glitter, like spewing enthusiasm and sparkles at the same time.

Not only did the last weekend of September hold promises of kick-ass music and an amazing city, but a mini-college reunion as well.

Ya can’t do better than that.

julia jean kennedy

It started with a mini reunion of University of Portland Pilots. These two gals were my roommates senior year and also star track runners on UP’s D1 team. Not to mention, two of my favorite people. Surprisingly, no purple, but not to worry: these Pilots still wore their pride.

Boston's North End.

We grabbed lunch in Boston’s North End, which, unbeknownst to me until after we grubbed, was right next to Paul Revere’s house (!!!!!!!). Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, we got our own amaze-balls things goin’ for us: killer nature, clean air, and some serious handlebar mustaches.

But I gotta hand it to the Northeast: they’ve got seeeeeeerious history. Like, literally everywhere you walk. The Paul Revere house was opened in 1680, but our guy Paul didn’t move in until 1770. It’s the oldest remaining structure in downtown Boston.

And I didn’t even get a picture of it. To be fair, it was pretty unassuming.

Boston, MA.

Downtown Boston.

downtown Boston

downtown Boston.

Boston Calling 2015

But, Boston didn’t just bring history. It brought a killer music scene through the music festival, Boston Calling, held in the heart of Downtown Boston.

Tame the Tickle at Boston Calling.

Shenanigans were had. Luden’s had this dope/eerie experience where you could jump on their tonsils and try to knock your friend off a fellow tonsil.

Boston Calling 2015

During the Chromeo performance, Boston City Hall literally lit up.

Boston Calling 2015, Chromeo.

And then Chromeo KILLED IT. Imagine the funkiest concert you could ever go to… then add light sticks.

Boston Calling, Alt-J.

But no band could hold a candle – nay, a light stick – to the headliner of the night: Alt-J.

Boston Calling, Alt-J.

Most of their performance I spent with my mouth wide open, completely mesmerized by their drummer. I have never seen skill like that (seriously, check him out on YouTube). Easily, the most impressive musical performance I’ve ever witnessed, and the best music I’ve ever heard.

It’s all thanks to this guy. Thanks for being my best friend and my favorite person to do everything from ride the Metro North train to dancing in the middle of downtown Boston.

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