Books on books on books…

I need to edu-ma-cate myself before I arrive in the Big Apple.

You know what’s gonna do that? Books. And lots of them.

These are the books that I plan to read in order to get a step ahead of the game, and attempt to be as prepared as possible for the zoo that shall greet me in NYC – may the odds be ever in my favor!

By Kate White
I’m actually in the middle of this book right now – and I am seriously digging it! Kate White is such an incredible woman: powerful, smart, and definitely gutsy. She is literally the epitome of a fun, fearless female, and as the queen of Cosmopolitan (she was the Editor-in-Chief from 1998 – 2012), she not only knows her shit – she is the shit. If anything, she will be the voice inside my head this summer, making sure I don’t sleep those extra coveted 10 minutes in the morning instead of showering. (My co-workers thank you ahead of time, Kate.) I’ll do a review on it soon, and pull some of her most important points and tips for all you gutsy girls who are too lazy to read the book.
By Lauren Berger
Similarly, I’m in the middle of this book as well. Another woman who honestly owns her industry – they don’t call her the “Intern Queen” for s’s and g’s. Ms. Berger completed 15 (yeah, that’s fifteen) internships in only four years of college. She’s essentially Intern God (or should I say, Goddess). From interviewing tips to follow-up tips to little knicks and knacks for standing out, Ms. Berger is the next author you want to be obsessed with. Seriously.
By Crosby Noricks
University of Portland’s Pubic Relations degree isn’t – how do I put this lightly? – extensive in the least. It isn’t even really knowledgable. While we rock at engineering and biology and nursing, other areas of study really take the hit for being forgotten – thus, one of my biggest issues. As a communication studies major, I struggle to fill up my schedule with classes that not only interest me, but that seem to offer me great learning outcomes for the job market that I hope to enter after I (hopefully) graduate. Ready to Launch has been hailed as a PR must-have, with everything from PR lingo to getting noticed in the PR game, to even what you can realistically expect from a fashion PR career (hint: it’s far from what The Hills and The City showed us; thanks LC and Whit).
By Kelly Cutrone
Speaking of LC and Whit, their own personal Devil that wears Prada ringleader PR maven was none other than the infamous (and blunt) Kelly Cutrone. Not only did she once force LC to fire her friend Stephanie, but she has thrown people out of fashion shows, bitched out her favorite workers publicly (sorry, Whit), and made MTV viewers crawl in their skin at some of the ridiculous things she has done and said. With that said, she is still recognized as one of the best in the fashion PR business – she not only started her own business at the age of 20 (that would be People’s Revolution), but continues to represent some of the most incredible designers and pull off stunning fashion shows. So until we have done all of that (plus more), instead of talking about her all black everything (she would make Lupe Fiasco proud) or her frightening footage, we shall only tip our hats to the PR god that she is.
By Dale Carnegie
No matter if you’re reading the first edition from 75 years ago, or the most recent edition from 2013, How to Win Friends and Influence People has long been considered the Bible for all those who are even slightly interested in chasing a career in the crazy world of public relations. With more than 15 million copies sold since its first edition being published, you can’t go wrong reading Carnegie’s infamous book with tips on handling people, getting people to like you, and tons more (because let’s be honest: PR is allll about being liked and well-known).
By Lauren Weisberger
What? Don’t judge – I’ll be in NYC for the summer, working for a fashion PR firm. I shall be watching the movie based on this book, plus Sex in the City, plus reading this book. It’s my own form of fiction research for what to unrealistically expect when I get over there (what do you mean writers don’t get paid as much as Carrie does??).
Beauty and Style
By Lauren Conrad
My household was not one that ever watched reality TV when I was growing up. The one exception to this rule was Jersey Shore (which I think many of us can agree upon together that it was not, in fact, reality, but maybe some type of twisted and tan universe that was way too addicting to stop watching). I had never understood the fascination (read: obsession) that so many girls had with Lauren Conrad – she went to high school, just like us, except essentially on the beach. It wasn’t until I decided to watch The Hills this summer that I understood why – it was because (similarly to Jersey Shore, although with noticeably less self-tanners and guido brawls) Lauren and her friends did not live in reality. She scored the coveted fashion internship with revered Teen Vogue Magazine, lived in a fashionable and high-class neighborhood of Los Angeles, and woke up to 70 degree weather and sunshine every morning. She attended red carpet events, met celebrities casually in clubs, and scored private birthday parties on 75 foot yachts.
Not real life.
So as much as I loved to hate her, I hated that I, too, was becoming one of the girls that loved her. My jealousy for how easily she had secured an internship without really working for it was overshadowed by my burning desire to be in the magazine and PR industry myself – watching her and Whitney’s day-to-day life in the Teen Vogue offices was my way of vicariously living the lives that they were.
I eventually came to appreciate her classic style and simple make-up – and so to end this long description, I purchased her books, Style and Beauty, in efforts to classify my own fashion sense, and to appear prepared and qualified for my internship this summer. Plus, Harvard professors have proven in a study that women who wear make-up are perceived as more like-able, competent, and trustworthy, compared to their bare-faced friends (damnit – there goes my credibility).
In summary, Lauren’s books are simple, clean, and easy to follow – not only is the page quality nice (book nerds like me get excited about page quality), but her chapters aren’t overwhelming, and they provide sound advice for building your wardrobe and for various beauty essentials.
Do you have any books that have rocketed your confidence / career / style / beauty / anything to the top? Or maybe any juicy reads that are perfect to get into while residing in NYC? Sound off in the comments below!

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