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Enjoy every sandwich.

This was the quote I had for my instagram profile the past few months. I didn’t think much of it – it just seemed like a casual and kinda witty way to say, “Make the most out of yo’ life, even the tiny shit.”

Also, I love sandwiches.

But the last few months have thrown a lot more than solid sandwiches (and a fair share of burgers) at me – I started a job at a start-up company after being found on LinkedIn, I moved to New York City with two gals I interned with in NYC two summers ago, I met a guy on the Metro North train using Chipotle (and a healthy dose of guac), and in one week, I’ll officially have a Master’s Degree in Sports Communication and Broadcasting.


This past year in Connecticut wasn’t the easiest one, that’s easy to say – from a terrifyingly cold and debilitating winter, a pretty harsh culture shock moving from Portland, OR, and missing out on what felt like everything awesome under the sun back home where my friends were (dammit that’s dramatic), I boarded the struggle bus a couple times. On top of that, as someone who thrives in new situations and cities, I was pissed off at myself for all the pity parties I kept allowing myself to throw.

But in actuality, this year was one of the best I could have asked for. It’s funny how even just a couple months, or even the right people, can help things fall into place. I got two new best friends I’m obsessed with that I could bother every single day because they were my roommates (and still do), I was exposed to an entirely different culture that taught me a ton about that stupid word “patience”, and I was challenged in a grad degree that finally made me feel like I was doing something I was born to do.

Plus, had the best pizza of my life and somehow, fell in love with a city that I couldn’t have cared less about originally, all because of one person. Bridgeport, you ain’t so bad after all.

From one City of Dreams to another, I’m now officially a resident of the great state of New York and its most famous island, Manhattan. Details of how it happened still elude me, but I’m certainly not upset about it.

Let’s do the damn thing, New York.

Shot by Julia Jean Kennedy.

PS – Crossed off 19, 27, & 86 on my 101 things in 1001 days list. Boo-ya, Grandpa.

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