back to school, back to school…

… to prove to my daddy I’m not a fool! I’ve got my lunch pack packed, my shoes tied tight, I hope I don’t get in a fight, OHHHHH…

Billy Madison sure did have it right when he sang about getting ready for school. Preparation is key when attempting to refocus a brain that’s been helplessly lost in all the summer snow cones and s’mores – and looks a lot like them too. As I have just made the big move from West Coast (cough best coast) to the East Coast (what’s up Connecticut!) for graduate school at Sacred Heart University, I came across a couple quotes the other day that stuck with me:

I’ve found that for me, some surefire ways to feel like I’m about to be #winning so hard at whatever I’m about to do is to do some massive internet stalking on it, write a massive list of everything I need to get / do into my planner (both iPhone Sunrise app and Lily Pulitzer agenda), and become so well-versed in whatever I am about to accomplish (I would say attempt, but you gotta keep positive axtnd confident vibes going) that I could answer any question about it with a simple flip to a page or thought in my head.

What are your best ways of refocusing and getting prepared for something new? Any tips for getting back into school mode without beginning a countdown to summer 2015 on the first day of class?

PS – If Billy Madison can go back to school and repeat grades 1-12 at age 27, then you can do ANYTHING. YUP.

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  • Apparently “LET’S GO KNICKERS” is not an appropriate chant at Madison Square Garden because basketball players don’t like to be called underwear.
  • lol bye 2017. as terrifyingly as you started, you turned out pretty rad, and now it’s time to take on 2018. LESS GEAUX



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