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I have fallen behind! And this isn’t okay for me. Additionally, since Thursday is the FOURTH OF JULY (yay!), I really won’t be catching up anytime soon. So bear with me, my loyal-lapdogs, and read on for how I completed a couple more things off of my 101 things in 1001 days list (see my first post about it here, and my most updated list here)!
21. Wake up at the break of dawn (or earlier) to see a concert on the Today Show!
A couple weeks ago, friend Ashley and I somehow managed to drag ourselves out of bed for an extremely, extremely good cause. Hunter Hayes would be performing at the Today Show that morning at 8, and we needed to get there early in order to compete for good spots with all the psycho fans.
I found only two good things about being up that early: one is this how vacant the streets are at 4:30 am, and the other is being up in time for McDonald’s breakfast. Duh.

When we finally arrived, there was already a god-awful line. But we were given free posters and markers to make our own signs! Clutch.

We finally were let in, but it wasn’t for another couple of hours that the show would start. Luckily, Hunter Hayes got on stage early to do sound checks, so we essentially got a mini-concert before the concert!

Mini Ashley attempts to get Mini Hunter on cam.

The Today Show concert series takes place in Rockefeller Plaza, and was a pretty cool place to see early in the morning!

The Today Show handed out free tees and sunglasses! I snagged some shades.

Al Roker, the weather man, made an appearance for a bit before the show. The camera man scanned the crowd from this angle a few times, so hopefully I got into one of those shots!

If you look real close, in the very middle of the picture, the floating head on a red shirt is Hunter Hayes!

So, even though I started my day by being on my feet for 4 and a half hours and then had to head to work for the day, I can’t complain – I got an incredible experience that not many get to experience.

3. Cheer on the most hated baseball team in history: the Yankees.

The next day, Saturday, I finally got to attend a Yankees game! I’ve been wanting to don some navy and white for a long time, and honestly, the game didn’t disappoint. The stadium is pristine, and with multiple homeruns (including a walk off!), my baseball expectations have surely risen, after they have fallen so far from the tough streak the Mariners have had for… well, years. THANKS FOR LEAVING US, ICHIRO.

Baseball has always been a chunk of my life, let alone my summers. Since my dad was the president of Little League in Yakima, and my brothers were consistently on teams (plus me, for one summer!), sunflower seeds and Big League Chew have become summer staples. Being in one of the proudest and most energetic stadiums in the nation, I really felt like my summer had finally begun.

Plus, I got a mean vanilla milkshake here. And I’m a sucker for anything ice-cream related.

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