Dave Chappelle, Jack Johnson, & Timeflies: As Long As You Have the People You Love

I’m always appalled by those people who try to convince you that spending money to go see your favorite band/comedian/dance company live isn’t worth it. You can always tell that they have never actually attended a concert of any sort, or else they wouldn’t be blabbering such blasphemies.

In the week off we had from school for Fall Break, I was a lucky gal. Not only was I gifted laughter, but two different types of music as well. Early Christmas, people!

The week started off with a bang when brothers and I (along with 8 of their closest guy friends – I was just bro-ing out that night) went and saw the one and only DAVE CHAPPELLE. That’s right people. In the flesh.

No, he isn’t crazy anymore. He has come back from Africa and is (fairly) normal now. And no, he wasn’t terrible, either! Let me just say that I am thankful in some ways to the terrible people who reside in Hartford, Connecticut – they provided a ton of hilarious material for Mr. Dave that lasted us nearly all night. #longlivechappelle

If you haven’t ever heard of Dave Chappelle, then you live under a rock. Or hate the sound of laughter. Definitely one of the two. If you have heard of him and you haven’t seen/listened to “Killing Them Softly,” go do it. Now. Seriously. Best life decision ever.

A few days after Dave Chappelle, my best friend V drove down to Portland for a Jack Johnson concert that my parents got me for my 22nd birthday. THANK YOU MUM AND POP!

I can’t even begin to say how incredibly amazing Jack Johnson is. I just.. I can’t. Can’t. Literally can’t even speak about it. He is perfection in every single way it’s not even funny. You literally can’t joke about it because it’s so true.

The opening act, Bahamas – even they were stupidly good. Huge thanks to the Arlene Schnitzner Concert Hall being perfect and providing the perfect space for artists like Bahamas and Jack Johnson.

It helped their case that one of their songs was about a girl with bucky teeth (AKA shout out to me, duh).  I don’t know how they heard about me, but it resulted in a fantastic song.

Then came the man of the hour. Jack Johnson simply walked out on stage, by himself, sat down as if in a living room filled with his closest friends and relatives, and candidly spoke with (not at) the crowd. He thanked us for coming tonight, and let the crowd know that he would be taking requests – if anyone had any obscure songs they wanted him to play, he would try to play them at the beginning before the rest of the band came out.


It’s almost unreal when you hear the voice of one of your favorite musicians, and even their speaking voice is pure and amazing and honey-like, smooth. And when they sing?

I can’t even.

The chills you get, the growing heart size, the ever-widening smile on your face, all because the voice you’re hearing is even better live than it could ever be in a studio, even with the most expensive equipment and recording devices. Flawless but still raw. Clear and fulfilling. Listening to it makes you want to simultaneously weep and laugh, because it’s just such incredible talent and beautiful-ness. Makes you feel like world peace and the end of animal abuse are near because how could anything so awful exist when voices like these do.

If you haven’t already noticed, I think I’m in love with Jack Johnson. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’, Jack.

This will have you head over heels: while talking about a family that was very influential in his childhood, Jack said, “As long as you have the people you love, you’re home.

You rock, don’t ever change. Please.

Two nights later provided another big change of pace – KB and I, along with a few other friends, got our crazy dance on while seeing Timeflies in downtown Portland. A duo made up of the producer/DJ mixer, Rez, and the singer, Cal, just kill it on YouTube every week with a video they make every Tuesday called Timeflies Tuesday. They choose current songs and create mashups to them, putting their own spin onto those songs. It makes for some sweet, sweet music.

Sure, most of the kids at the concert weren’t old enough to vote for the President of the United States, but like that’s gonna stop me from fighting my way to the front of the stage for the slight chance that I might once graze the hand of Cal or Rez! Puh-reach.

We made some new friends while there – soccer players for Oregon State University – who were good compadres as we fought our way to the front. It’s always nice to make allies at concerts – you never know when you’re going to need them. Here’s a snap that one of the girls with super long arms grabbed of all of us new BFFs.

I noticed after the show that I was so busy dancing my face off that I only got one picture during the performance… and it could literally be of anyone who can jump 6 inches off the ground.

But, for all you curious-minded folk out there, here’s what the masterminded duo looks like:

TIMEFLIES = GOOD LOOKING. Yup. That about sums it up.What was your favorite concert or performance that you’ve attended?

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