A little bit of cheating on my 101…

Good and bad news, mah peeps.

The good news is: I have been blessed and lucky enough to experience way more things in NYC than ever thought possible! Insert cheesy Anne Hathaway line here, “It finally happened!”

The bad news is: I haven’t achieved half of the things that I originally hoped to do when I first wrote out my 101 things in 1001 days list. This is sad.

So I have decided to cheat my list a little bit, and start adding things to it that I have already done! Because there have been a ton of things that I think deserve to be on the NYC-related part of the list. And so, without further procrastination, I present to you my added items from living in the Big Apple.

23. Get high (in the sky, that is!) and take a helicopter ride around Manhattan.

Last weekend, I was blessed with an amazing visitor in NYC – Jack! So when I saw a Groupon for a helicopter ride around lower Manhattan, I leapt at the opportunity and treated us to an aerial view of Soho, Midtown, and even some of New Jersey.

In some awe-inspiring way, God smiled down upon me and I was selected to sit at the front of the helicopter with the pilot! And then I thanked God that I wasn’t the one flying the helicopter… my grade school self would be disappointed to know that my math skills haven’t improved since 3rd grade.

Here, you can see Governor’s Island, and a mini Statue of Liberty in the back!

In all her ladylike glory: The Statue of Liberty. Behind her, you can see Ellis Island.

Here, you can barely see the Brooklyn Bridge connecting lower Manhattan (on the left) with Brooklyn (on the right).

Downtown Manhattan! Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center) is the stunning and reflective building on the left side.

Up close, the Freedom Tower.

He’s a helicopter natural.

Central Park, and the Upper West Side!

A closer look at the Brooklyn Bridge!

24. Costar in a mini-photo shoot for LGC’s social media.

A week ago, Kelsi, one of the main digital geniuses at Linda Gaunt Communications, decided to give the interns a break and have us star in a mini-photo shoot in Madison Square Park for the Twitter and Instagram accounts of LGC while modeling some of our clients’ clothing. While I’m normally the one behind the lens / camera phone, I have to admit, it was both uncomfortable and exhilarating to be on the other side! While I’m no natural born model, I must admit… I’m pretty good looking.

Hahahah just kidding. Or am I… (I am.)

The beautiful and talented photographers were Zoe and Kelsi, and they took some pretty kick ass photos. Check out some of the ones already posted on the LGC Twitter and Instagram (like here, here, and here). A few of my photos have actually made it onto the Instagram like here and here!

Sara and I are workin’ some Bailey 44 dresses here. Sara got some attitude.

 Shop online for Bailey 44 clothing at Nordstrom or Saks 5th Avenue.

But in all seriousness… I never realized how terrible I am at taking candids. I’m a pretty frustrating model. My face just automatically twists into some unnatural looking mythical creature that just happened to grow there as someone took my picture, or I can’t stop talking because I can’t stand how awkward I feel when I just stand there and smile / attempt to look serious but fail horribly. Similar to Jim Carey in Yes Man. Scratch that. Identical.

Dakota decided to get artsy and attempt to get some product shots of Stila product on this cool wood lump. She is wearing a Maggy Frances blouse and shorts, and paired it with her own super trendy magenta Chanel boots.

A natural in front of the camera, really, I am.

The bottom of this Bailey 44 dress is actually leather!

25. Get a photo with every single apple around NYC – the baseball apples!

While casually walking around with Ashley in Midtown, we came across a giant apple!

Naturally, I hopped right on top of it. Why wouldn’t I? I am, as I’ve said, from the Apple Capitol of the World – it would have been disgracing Yakima if I hadn’t of given my all to get an awesome picture.

This apple is specifically is for the American League, and below, you’ll see the one for the National League!

Ashley hopped on to join me for a picture too!

I didn’t think much of the apples after that… until I realized that there are giant apples like this ALL OVER NYC. HOW AWESOME! So I made it my new personal life goal to get a picture with every single giant apple in the Big Apple.

Zoe kindly took a picture of me with my third apple: Tampa Bay Rays!

I have since done a little research on the baseball apples – which are officially called “Apples on Parade,” and are there to honor the All-Star Game (happening July 16) – and there are 35 of them spread all over NYC… not exactly convenient haha. But hopefully it means that I’ll run into a few more, before I have to go legit searching for all of them! Three down, 32 to go. Woop!

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