8 Essential Reads for Every #Girlboss, by #Girlbosses -- the living emoji

8 essential reads for every #girlboss, by #girlbosses

There comes a time in a gal’s life when she needs either inspiration or just a swift kick in the pants, a lil somethin’ to get her going again. Sometimes it comes in the form of a show (Dancing with the Stars… duh), a quotable quote on Pinterest, or even a phone call from mom that frustrates you until you realize that, of course, she’s right again.

Next time you reach for the phone, reach for one of these bad ass books instead – books GUARANTEED to unleash the #girlboss inside of you. Go get it, beb!

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1. I’ll Drink To That: A Life in Style, With a Twist, Betty Halbreich

“What does some lady who was a personal shopper for 40 years have to teach me?!” You ask. EVERYTHING. She moved to Manhattan after an early marriage at the age of 20 to a (seemingly) fabulous husband. He turned out to be a total arse, and without her husband, a job, or much of a purpose, Betty hit her bottom. But after getting offered a job at Bergdorf Goodman, she hit her stride and was soon offered to run the store’s first personal shopping experience. The rest is history.

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2. The Woman I Wanted To Be, Diane Von Furstenberg

If you don’t know how fabulous DVF is, then you’ve either been living under a rock or avoiding all happiness. A princess by 22, two children by 24, she’s since had a complete reinvention and has been a kick ass inspiration. She’s built a global brand, has overcome cancer, and has basically dedicated her life to helping out other kick ass women.

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3. Front Roe: How to be the Leading Lady in Your Own Life, Louise Roe

Part style guide, part career guide, part “how to apply the perfect cat eye”, consider Front Roe to be your next best friend for improving your confidence and getting you the job you’ve always dreamed of.

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4. Always Pack a Party Dress: And Other Life Lessons From a (Half) Life in Fashion, Amanda Brooks

From working for Patrick Demarchelier to getting her dream job working at Barney’s as fashion director, Always Pack a Party Dress is a memoir for those obsessed with fashion, but also for those looking for some insider knowledge on how to best present yourself to potential employers.

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5. Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It In Your Career. Rock Social Media., Aliza Licht

It’s everything the title says, and in only 288 pages. Nuff said.

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6. Yes Please, Amy Poehler

The only thing you’ll be thinking after reading this book is THANK YOU – your favorite Leslie Knope in book form, Amy Poehler is like the older sister you always wished you had. Lists, poetry, and inspiration all rolled into one funny binding.

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7. Bossypants, Tina Fey

If Amy won’t do it for ya, there’s no female comedian better than Tina Fey to give you that amazing inspo that you need. In a man’s world, Tina proved women can not only be better, but funnier than our male counterparts. Hear hear!

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8. #GIRLBOSS, Sophia Amoruso

Of course, you can’t make a list of books by #girlbosses without the ultimate #GIRLBOSS, Sophia Amoruso. From dumpster diving to CEO, Amoruso is the ultimate kick-in-the-pants any gal could use in either her desperation or her brightest hour.


Get out there and start readin’, #girlbosses!

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