7 shows that make you feel like you live in NYC with your best gals

I may live just a 1.5 hour train ride from the Big Apple (AKA 2 episodes of Gossip Girl), but I get stir-crazy more often than not in Connecticut and am literally counting down the days until I make my own big move to NYC.
In order to pass the time until I am reunited permanently with the concrete jungle, I binge on tv shows that are based (either fictionally or in reality… sometimes these are one in the same) in New York. Here are my top gal shows that suck me into the insanity and awesomeness of Manhattan, featuring strong and independent women.

1. The Carrie Diaries

I have one thing to say: EIGHTIES. For someone who wishes she was born in 1980 (in order to properly enjoy the 90s as a pre-teen and teenager), I literally could not get enough of this pre-Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw. Loud fashion, even louder music, and fantastically crimped hair… done, done, and donezo. Plus, it was a fun way to see how Carrie gets her start in journalism, and see NYC through the eyes of a magazine journalist in the 80s (read: movie premieres, meeting celebrities, tons of free shit), even if there is literally no way this would all happen to an actual 16-year-old.

2. Sex and the City
And so, you follow it up with the obvious predecessor: Sex and the City. It’s the gal pal, NYC show that started it all. Sure, it’s almost entirely unrealistic (a magazine journalist who can afford to live in a one bedroom apartment with an absurdly large collection of shoes and an unlimited bank account for brunch?) but it’s still stupidly amusing to watch.

3. The City
The follow-up to the insanely popular The Hills, I for one definitely thought this show was short-lived. Whitney Port is actually bright and interesting, and seemed pretty real. She had a relationship with a weird looking Australian that actually started on The Hills, but was a fun way to pretend like you actually lived in NYC – they were always out bar hopping, grabbing lunch, working in the Meatpacking district (very trendy), and generally doing fun and trendy things. Sure, they recast almost the entire show in the second half of the first season, but they figure it out after that.


4. Girls
Hailed as the most accurate show set in NYC to date (they actually go in and come out of the same building for scenes in the correct area of Manhattan… crazy, I know), Girls is beloved by girls, boys, and anyone who has even an ounce of wit or sass within them. Also known for pushing the boundaries – I mean, come on people, it is HBO – it’s insanely entertaining and you’ll never be bored.
5. House of DVF
Sort of The City-esque, but better – because these gals actually work! Shocking. They’re all competing to be DVF’s new Brand Ambassador, which is basically traveling the world representing the brand and attending awesome parties and meeting every celebrity you could imagine – all while empowering women everywhere and being Diane von Furstenburg’s wing woman, which is arguably the best “best friend” gig out there. (Wanna apply for next season?)
6. Gossip Girl
Obviously. I mean, sure, yogurt sales have spiked since Blair first dumped hers onto an unknowing minion, but there’s no better show to get lost in if you’re looking for hot guys, hot parties, and unlimited hookups between the main 6 characters of the show. And you can’t forget how girl-powered the entire show is – from Blair basically running Constance Billard to Serena still coming out on top, no matter what the scandal, you always have hope when watching.
7. Glee
Well, really from Glee’s 4th season on. This is when Rachel moves to NYC with Kurt, and Santana eventually joins them. They basically take over the city one NYADA class at a time, one song sang at a diner, literally anything musical you could imagine. If you’ve ever dreamt of making it in the Broadway / entertainment industry, this is your path to make it. Plus, Kurt + Santana + Rachel? The ultimate diva combo. 

What are your favorite shows set in NYC?
Any gal pal shows I missed that are also set in the city?

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