7 instagram accounts to cure your wanderlust

As many of you know, I just returned from a summer south of the border in Peru, filled with crazy adventures and even crazier teenagers. While this should have cured my wanderlust for a while, I’m afraid it has only spurred it, causing some serious adventure withdrawals inside of me.

The only way I’ve been able to stave these cravings is by thoroughly stalking a few gorgeous Instagram accounts that feature some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen (well, at least through my iPhone screen).

Here are some of the best Instagram accounts I’ve come across that are buffering my pain of not having anywhere cool to go anytime soon. #neverstopexploring


A Canadian owned camp gear and apparel company who features Instagrammers that wear their stuff and do super-awesome-adventure-things (this one taken by @meghume). #theriveriscalling #themountainiscalling


An epic astrophotographer (YUP, IT’S A THING) who specializes in timelapses and is always traveling to awesome players.


The official Instagram of Backpacker Magazine, so they obviously know their shit when it comes to being outdoorsy and awesome. #takemebackpacking #trailchat


Currently just a newsletter, it soon will be a brand that celebrates the culture of being outdoors and experiencing the great wilderness. #wildernessculture


A photographer based out of Portland, OR (what up! shout out to my old home) who takes the most stunning photos of the #pacificnorthwest (#pacificnorthwestisbest). #wearestillwild


A photographer who uses light in some of the most amazing ways I have ever seen. See for yourself at her website here.


A sister trio that seem to always be having insane adventures everywhere. Witness their even more epic blog here.

Who are your favorite Instagrammers to follow?
Who’s feed do you stalk when you’re craving adventure?
I’m always looking to obsess over new ‘grammers – leave your suggestions below!

PS: don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @jujubeekennedy! I do cool shit sometimes, like pretending to go to Yale and finding as many puppies as possible, and occasionally failing at handstands.


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