6 ways to celebrate the world cup (if you can’t make it to brasil)

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The event we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! No, not Angelina and Brad’s wedding. The FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brasil! Cue eternal samba dancing and chants of “Ole, ole, ole, ole!”

For those rookies out there, there are really only a couple things to know about the World Cup: it is the great bambino, the colossus of clout of soccer, and Brasil is the winningest team in it’s history (what up). (Vox breaks down all of the basics for you noobs here.)

For those native footballers, we all know and appreciate that the World Cup in Brasil is the ultimate location – to play in the nation whose national team has won more World Cups than any other?! #WINNING. (They’ve won 5 times, in case you’re wondering.)

Being that my grandpa is Brasilian, our family is die-hard for the yellow, blue and green. Last FIFA World Cup, Vovô (grandfather in Portuguese) was visiting, and insisted on watching every single match that Brasil played in, no matter the fact that most of them were at 4 am, due to the location of the World Cup being in South Africa. Add his impatience with the team and passion about the sport, and those were the most spirited mornings I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying.

Thankfully, this year’s match times seem to be much more doable (see match times here). If you’re in Brasil for the World Cup, enjoy a caipirinha for me and, of course, all of the beautiful people and places (say hey to my Iung cousins if you’re in Porto Alegre!). If not, take heed and enjoy the world’s greatest sport from the comfort of your home – just see below!

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1. 2014 FIFA World Cup Official Album
Music maven? Then check out the insanely star-studded album that is the official soundtrack to the FIFA World Cup in Brasil.

2. Discover Brasil
There’s more to Brasil than futbol and a crazy Mardi Gras festival. The South American country is incredibly diverse, and experienced a slew of controversies leading up to (and during!) the World Cup. Learn more about why having the tournament in Brasil is so incredible and incriminating.

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3. Pelé
THE GREATEST SOCCER PLAYER OF ALL TIME (shove it, Cristiano Ronaldo). For those who are unaware of who he is, either crawl out from under the rock you’ve been living in and find out immediately, or stay put until the World Cup ends. You’re much safer from passionate fans that way. (Let your mind be blown as you read about his massively awesome bicycle kicks, and 9 other things that make Pelé the greatest of all time.)

4. 20 players to watch out for
Attention all footballers: read up, and keep your eyes peeled for these super stars. They’re going to be tearing up the pitches this entire tournament.

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5. FIFA World Cup App
Getting caught without knowing the score of the most recent match could land you in some hot water (which could be desirable, given you have a cuia, bomba, and some erva mate to make some delicious chimarrão – and if you do, I expect an invite over IMMEDIATELY), so it’s generally best to have this app on your phone to keep you updated, no matter what.

6.  FIFA World Cup Mascot’s Twitter
Follow Fuelco, the most soccer crazy armadillo (?!) you ever will meet, for match updates, and a little bit of Portuguese in your Twitter feed.

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If all else fails, kick back and just wear your favorite yellow, blue, and green tee with a healthy dose of feijouda.
What country are you hoping makes it to the finals?
You know, before Brasil wins their 6th World Cup title.

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