6 Must Haves For NYC

As my time in the Big Apple draws nearer and nearer, I realize that I am in dire need of, well, a lot of things. If I think at all, for one second, that I’m going to make it this summer working as a fashion PR intern, then I have some serious shopping to do (oh, drag). Now, where’s my money tree?

Here’s my current list of things that I think I’ll need during my rendezvous in the small town of NYC:

Easy, Breezy, Lightweight Scarves


It would be ridiculous to not have any lightweight scarves this summer. Not only do they have a ridiculous amount of fabrics, colors, and styles, but also range in price from $10 to literally anything. I love the idea of not only having a scarf as the finishing touch to an outfit, but it can also help an outfit go from day to night, and likewise.

Staple Black Leggings

black leggings

The legit staple of a generation. The black leggings are probably one of the best investments a girl can make – versatile, slimming, and easily paired with anything. Plus, there are tons of versions – the one on the right here has leather down the sides! Trendy and flattering.

A Cute (but covering) Umbrella

Going into my third year living in Portland, OR, I still don’t own an umbrella. People here would sacrifice their flannel and farm-raised, organically grown chicken before they used an umbrella in public – its social suicide. However, I’ve heard those on the East Coast function differently, and I’m ready for umbrellas to be socially acceptable. Amazon.com has tons of different colors of umbrellas (click on the umbrella to see!).

A Killer Leather Jacket


Leather is bad ass and automatically ups the ante on anyone, no matter who it is! And is stunningly versatile, as shown above. Can be casually worn with classic jean shorts, dressed up with dark wash jeans and a sheer blouse, or with some printed pants and a textured top. I’m pretty into Aritzia’s bomber jacket right now – too bad it’s $500.

Maxi Skirt / Dress

maxi skirt / dress

Whether it’s summer weather or winter weather or it just rhymes with weather, maxi skirts and dresses are effortlessly cool and transition easily from season to season. Available in tons of different styles and fabrics, you can achieve any look you’re going for, no matter the situation or city. Plus, you can get ’em cheap!

White Shorts

white shorts

The quintessential summer staple, white shorts are a dependable sign that good weather is here to stay for a while. The clean look is versatile and fun – plus, the white helps even our most fair-skinned friends look like they and the sun were recently aquatinted (even if they haven’t seen the light of day in weeks).

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