5 reasons to watch the FIFA Women's World Cup

5 reasons to watch the FIFA women’s world cup

This year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup is bound to be a record setter – the level of talent and controversy are enough for an HBO miniseries.

Whether you’ve grown up in Soccer City, USA (AKA Portland, Oregon), home to not only the best soccer fans in the country (Timber’s Army and the Portland Thorns) but the most loyal women’s soccer fans in the nation (shoutout to my alma mater University of Portland’s Villa Drum Squad), or you’ve never watched a lick of women’s soccer in your life (FOR SHAME), here are the top 5 reasons you should most definitely be either road tripping up to the Great North for a game or plopping yourself in front of the TV to watch.



5 reasons to watch the FIFA Women's World Cup

1. Unlimited number of kick ass women to admire and root for.

I could go on for an entire blog series about the killer women who are playing in this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup, no matter which country they play for: Megan Rapinoe and Christine Press for USA, Christine Sinclair for Canada, Homare Sawa for Japan, Asisat Oshoala for Nigeria, and of course, not to be forgotten…

2. Marta

AKA the female Pelé. This single-named, infamous futebol player has won the FIFA Women’s Player of the Year Award FIVE TIMES. She plays in Sweden for FC Rosengard, but will return to the tournament playing for her home country of Brazil.

3. Timezones that are friendly to our picky bedtimes (thank you, Canada!).

This year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup host country is Canada, our friendly neighbors up north who are mad about hockey, maple syrup, and apparently, soccer. From Vancouver to Montreal, if you can’t make it to the games yourself, expect to see incredible shots of the Great North that range from gorgeous cities to expansive countryside.

And thanks to these guys being in the same time zones we are, we have game times that cater to our jobs and bed times. Thanks Canada, old pal!

4. The artificial turf controversy.

What would a sports tournament be without a little drama? Of course, alongside the FIFA bribery controversy, there is a lot more than the typical amount of drama at this World Cup. This FIFA World Cup is the first to be played completely on artificial turf, and definitely going to be the last.

The players even attempted a lawsuit against FIFA – unfortunately, an unsuccessful one – but for now, we must settle with the turf. Inevitably, we’ll see a much higher number of injuries, so hopefully all our ladies can stay safe out there.


SERIOUSLY. WE ARE READY AND BACK WITH A HOT VENGEANCE THAT COULD MELT EVEN CANADA’S COLDEST TUNDRA. Though we haven’t been successful in our attempts to win since our glorious victory 16 years ago – thanks to Brandi Chastain for making that such a pivotal moment – and though we’ve won three Olympic gold medals since, we haven’t been able to clinch that FIFA trophy.

We’ve got a killer line up: Abby Wombach, Megan Rapinoe, Christine Press, Sydney Leroux – and hopefully Alex Morgan, who has been nursing an injury for far too long. This year is our year – I CAN FEEL IT!

5 reasons to watch the FIFA women's world cup - rising #girlboss

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Who are you rooting for this 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup?

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