101 in 1001: update

Between some serious YOLO the last semester of college, and preparing to graduate from the best four years of my life (plus sitting on the fence of OH-DEAR-GOD-WHAT-AM-I-DOING-THIS-FALL), I have sadly neglected this little space of mine.

But I say, NO MORE OF THIS! Besides a brief stint later this summer in which I shall be incognito between late June and early August, I’m focused on making this blog a priority in my life again.

Even though I haven’t been as tech-savvy here recently, I have managed to cross off quite a few amazing things on my 101 things in 1001 days list! Woop. Check out the completely updated list here: 101 things in 1001 days.

1. Come up with 101 things. (Don’t even remember when I finished this, but it’s done! See the completed list here!)

13. Arrive seemingly under-the-radar while someone sends Gossip Girl a photo of my arrival at Grand Central Station. (Completed last June 2013, with my bud Ashley!)

26. Invest in a classic handbag. (Completed May 2014, thanks to a fantastic find at Free People.)

36. Invest in ten great coffee books. (I have officially started my collection, thanks to my older brother’s super-awesome fiance, who gifted me with the incredulous Things We Love by Kate Spade as a graduation present, May 2014. 1/10)

57. See my main man, Drew Brees, and his amazing team, the Saints, crush every other team and win the Superbowl! Or maybe just see them play… that would be sweet too. (Completed November 2013, when the Saints played the Seattle Seahawks, who went on to win the Super Bowl. Casual. Drew was still as perfect as ever though, don’t worry.)

61. GRADUATE COLLEGE. WOOP! Nuff said. (Accomplished May 2014)

66. Be featured in one of the brochures for University of Portland, and have my own little blurb talking about me and cliche things about the University. Unfortunately, was never in a brochure, but did get a sweet spot on a promo video for UP! See #92. (November 2013)

69. Do at least three touristy Portland things (that I haven’t already done!). (#1 Beercycle, #2 Foodcart experience from main pods in downtown Portland, but still need a #3!)

75. Attempt to wear my hair with a part down the middle and not look like a twelve-year-old. This could be (by far) one of the trickiest to accomplish. (Completed January 2014 – accomplished? Judge for yourself. I feel pretty Whitney Port, if I may say so myself.)

76. Rename / rebrand my blog so that it feels more “me,” and more clearly define my goals of this blog to create a more definitive and significant impact. (Officially unveiled June 3, 2014, as RISING #GIRLBOSS!)

89. Be featured on someone else’s blog! (Accomplished January 2014, thanks to my favorite southern belle and one of my Partners in Crime, Dakota Kate Isaacs. Check out her own fantastic blog here: Diaries of Serendipity. See the post where I am featured here, and my original post on this blog here.)

90. Get out of the country… even if it’s just to Canada. Heck, I’d take Hawai’i! (Don’t judge… it’s outside the continental 48!) (Have since traveled to Hawaii in May 2014, but am deciding to take Hawaii off as an option because this may be accomplished soon to South America… more on that soon 😉 )

92. Be in some type of video – whether it’s my first vlog or maybe something for marketing for UP (you’ll see…). (Accomplished November 2013, in the beautiful city of Portland, for my favorite school on earth, for their marketing program, and then again in February 2014, as a The Pilot Report reporter for UP! See the full marketing video here, and the full Pilot Report here.)

99. Travel as much as possible. (Accomplished multiple times since making this goal, but most recently to Hawaii in May 2014 as a graduation gift from my fantastic parentals. Thanks mam and paps!)

It’s been a crazy senior year. Thanks for the memories, University of Portland! #PTID #UP14

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