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NOTE: I have officially finished my first 101 things in 1001 days, woop! See below for everything I did (and didn’t) do.

As somewhat of a list-fanatic, even though I love making them, the actual process of completing them is what stumps me. From book lists to homework lists to lists about lists… I can’t seem to keep track of them all. Either I lose the list, or I forget to keep working on it, or my nonexistent dog eats it. You know, normal stuff.

Inspired by Design Darling’s 101 Things in 1001 Days, I have taken on this list quest, in order to really get down some of the things I have been meaning to do. This way, if I start slowing down or losing track of everything I have done, I have this page to answer to!

Plus, it’s a great way to come up with some awesome goals, without really thinking about completing them immediately – I’m using it moreso as a reminder of the things I want to accomplish, and to keep them in the back of my mind in case I ever lose my way. Cliche, but true. Here it goes: 101 in 1001!

Start: June 1, 2013

End: February 27, 2016

Completed: 77

  1. Come up with 101 things. (Completed at some point in early 2014.)
  2. Climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty! (February 2016)
  3. Cheer on the most hated baseball team in history: the Yankees. (July 2013)
  4. Go to the top of the Empire State Building. (February 2016)
  5. Chill at a rooftop bar / rooftop restaurant / rooftop anything! (July 2013)
  6. Experience the Mahattanhenge! (see below for amazingness that will blow your mind)
  7. Bring my best jazz hands to a show on Broadway. (An American in Paris in February 2016)
  8. Snarf my face off at Dylan’s Candy Bar / FAO Schweetz. (June 2013)
  9. Graduate with my Masters degree. (August 2015)
  10. Look for my thick-eyebrowed Kennedy ancestors at Ellis Island. (February 2016)
  11. Go to a live taping of a late night show – oh hey, Jimmy Fallon! (Not Jimmy Fallon, but better: Stephen Colbert! February 2016)
  12. Meander over the Brooklyn Bridge. (July 2015)
  13. Arrive seemingly under-the-radar while someone sends Gossip Girl a photo of my arrival at Grand Central Station. (June 2013)
  14. Meet an editor-in-chief of a major publication. (January 2016)
  15. Reflect and be thankful at Ground Zero. (August 2013)
  16. See / attend an awards show / stalk a red carpet. My creeper skills will be put to the ultimate test. (July 2017, the ESPYs)
  17. Sit at the top of Pride Rock – I mean, the Rock. As in, Rockefeller Plaza! (July 2015)
  18. Attend as many sporting events as possible. (2014-2016!)
  19. Sit above everyone on the steps at the Met. Maybe dump some yogurt on some peeps. Just kidding! I’m no monster. (July 2015)
  20. See as many celebrities / famous people as possible. (June 2013, July 2013, September 2013)
  21. Wake up at the break of dawn (or earlier) to see a concert on the Today Show! (June 2013)
  22. Devour a hot dog at Coney Island. (July 2013)
  23. Get high (in the sky, that is) and take a helicopter ride around Manhattan. (July 2013)
  24. Co-star in a mini-photo shoot. (July 2013)
  25. Get a photo with the MLB apples around NYC! (July 2013)
  26. Invest in a classic handbag. (May 2013)
  27. Move into my first apartment in NYC. (July 2015)
  28. Work for one of my dream companies. (September 2014 – May 2015)
  29. Invest in business/contact cards. (July 2013 — I used Tiny Prints!)
  30. Interview an athlete or celebrity! (November 2016)
  31. Star in my own show! I would be chill with cohosting a show as well.  (November 2014)
  32. Attend at least one show at New York Fashion Week. (Nanette Lepore, Ralph Rucci, Clover Canyon, Trina Turk, & ADEAM in September 2013)
  33. Drink one Smart Water bottle a day for a month. (Drank one full Nalgene every day in February / most of March 2014!)
  34. Start working out 5 times a week.
  35. Find/do a beauty routine that works for me and reflects who I am. (It took me three years to figure out I was already doing it: blow-dry and repeat.)
  36. Invest in ten great coffee table books. (10/10)
  37. Read five novels that are considered “classic.”
  38. Invest in white skinnies.
  39. Record my first podcast. (2015)
  40. Attend as many concerts as possible. (Jack Johnson, Timeflies, & Dave Chappelle in October 2013, Andy Grammar in April 2014, American Authors / The Script / OneRepublic in June 2014, Matt & Kim in June 2015, Zac Brown Band in August 2015, all at Boston Calling in September 2015, Deertick in December 2015)
  41. Get reading glasses. (February 2016)
  42. Figure out how to style my hair, so I’ll actually want to do it every day! (November 2014)
  43. Find my signature scent. (February 2016)
  44. Have a friend take portraits of me. (Thanks, Manny! March 2015)
  45. Attend a horse race or polo match.
  46. Go to Brasil to visit my family. (August 2016)
  47. Launch my own YouTube show.
  48. Participate in a flash mob. Because DAYUM, can I dance!
  49. Learn how to play guitar. (Debatable. August – December 2013)
  50. Make a giant breakfast meal! (March 2017)
  51. Live outside the West Coast for at least one year (Moved to Connecticut in August 2014, and to New York City in July 2015)
  52. Learn how to speak Portuguese. Oiii, linda! (An ongoing process since February 2015!)
  53. Launch an interview series for my blog. (January 2016, see them here!)
  54. Move to the City of Angels, Los Angeles, and pursue my dream. (September 2016)
  55. Create an inspiration board for my wall.
  56. Go to Vegas with friends!
  57. See my main man, Drew Brees, and his amazing team, the Saints, crush every other team and win the Superbowl! Or maybe just see them play… that would be sweet too. (November 2013)
  58. Redesign my blog layout! Because this one is booo-ring. (February 2014)
  59. Social media free Sunday. Sever the ties for a day. (Conquered multiple times June & July of 2014)
  60. Pick a charity / foundation that I feel passionate about and figure out a way to donate regularly. (FARA, 2014-2016)
  61. GRADUATE COLLEGE. WOOP! (May 2014)
  62. Go to a music festival. (Boston Calling in September 2015)
  63. Learn how to make 5 different cocktails.
  64. Get a dog. And a cat. And maybe something else too. Don’t act like you’re surprised by this. (September 2014)
  65. Get back into acting, and be cast in a production!
  66. Be featured in one of the brochures for University of Portland, and have my own little blurb talking about me and cliche things about the University. (It’s a video technically, but who’s checkin’? November 2013)
  67. Start a book club. (Rising #GIRLBOSS Bookclub! December 2014)
  68. Land my first gig! (July 2017)
  69. Do at least three touristy Portland things (that I haven’t already done!). (#1 Beercycle November 2013, #2 Foodcart experience in downtown Portland May 2014, #3 Bridgeport Brewery)
  70. Start the Game of Thrones. (Finished Book 1 in July, 1/5)
  71. Make at least three new friends through my blog.
  72. Get headshots taken. (Had the chance to model for the brand Loyal Souls – check it out here! Thanks Manny!)
  73. Launch an athlete-related series on the blog.
  74. Renew my CPR certification. (June 2014, bonus: also got my Wilderness First Responder certification as well!).
  75. Attempt to wear my hair with a part down the middle and not look like a twelve-year-old. This could be (by far) one of the trickiest to accomplish. (January 2014)
  76. Rename / rebrand my blog so that it feels more “me,” and more clearly define my goals of this blog to create a more definitive and significant impact. (June 2014)
  77. Create a virtual scrapbook (or maybe a real one! if I’m feeling up to it…) of all of my accomplished things from this list. (Inspired by Patti Murphy Designs…)
  78. Go to wine tasting and be super classy. Or at least try.
  79. Watch my first Audrey Hepburn movie. (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, February 2016)
  80. Gain at least 100 followers on my blog through bloglovin!
  81. Watch every season of Sex in the City. I think Samantha is my alter ego. (September 2017)
  82. Pay it forward – for someone, somewhere, I want to step in unexpectedly and help make their day a little easier. (June 2016)
  83. Go skinny dipping!
  84. Sell my first items from my Society6 shop! But first, I must grow the shop…
  85. Invest in a “big girl” apartment purchase – couch, desk, or I’d even settle for a whole bunch of coffee table books. #mystrangeaddiction (November 2014 – got a couch!)
  86. Visit a new museum. This could go hand-in-hand with #19. (And go with #19 it did – visited the Met! July 2015)
  87. Get a bar cart – which could go hand-in-hand with #63.
  88. Join a soccer or basketball league that I can commit to, and re-become the athlete I used to be. (August 2015)
  89. Be featured on someone else’s blog! (January 2014, see the post here on Diaries of Serendipity!)
  90. Get out of the country… even if it’s just to Canada. Heck, I’d take Hawai’i! (Don’t judge… it’s outside the continental 48!) (Hawaii in May 2014, Peru in June – August 2014, Canada 2016)
  91. Master a Lauren Conrad hairstyle. (Define “master”. January 2014)
  92. Be in some type of video – whether it’s my first vlog or maybe something for marketing for UP. (November 2013 for UP Marketing, February 2014 for Pilot Report, November 2014 – January 2015 for Pioneer Sports Report)
  93. Have a spring break trip that’s a true “SPRING BREAK!!!” trip.
  94. Get a photo I’ve taken blown up and framed for my bedroom. (September 2014)
  95. Work on an intimate gift with my brothers for our parents for their anniversary that they can frequently appreciate.
  96. Take a self-defense class, to ward off any of those creeps who tryna get at me that I don’t want.
  97. Write a letter to someone I don’t know (celebrity, soldier, editor-in-chief), and one to someone I do know.
  98. Put $10 into savings for every goal accomplished.
  99. Travel as much as possible. (NYC summer of 2013, NYC September 2013, Colorado October 2013, Hawaii May 2014, Colorado June 2014, Peru July/August 2014, Connecticut August 2014, Washington/Oregon for the holidays 2015, Boston 2015, Canada January 2016)
  100. Still regularly update this blog at the end of the 1001 days.
  101. Inspire others to create a 101 Things in 1001 Days list! 🙂 (Tommie in May 2014)

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