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the living emoji

Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, New York. Julia Jean Kennedy, The Living Emoji

goodbye to all that, hello to everything else

I’ve done something I never thought I would do. I’ve left New York. I got a new job, I packed up my stuff, and I moved across country to a little town known as Los Angeles. And thus, I left New York. It’s weird to think about something that I thought would be a constant, ...

Standing at the Olympic Rings in Olympic Park, Rio de Janeiro. The Rio 2016 Olympics Experience: Julia Jean Kennedy, The Living Emoji

the rio 2016 olympics experience

Somehow, my year in New York City proved to be the most insane and jam-packed period of my life, ever. And then it ended with a bang: the Rio 2016 Olympics. Not like that is surprising. But between meeting the love of my life, losing a job, traveling to Canada, turning down a job, battling […]

The Living Emoji: The Finale: 101 in 1001

The Finale: 101 in 1001

Somehow, in some crazy way, thanks to two of my favorite people in the world, my 101 things in 1001 days list did not go completely mismanaged the last few months. After some secret conspiring, one of my best friends (who lives across the country from me) alerted B that my deadline was coming ...



Whatta year. 2015, you were absolutely nothing like I expected, and that’s my favorite part about you. Almost every step of the way was completely a shot in the dark, taking me by surprise and for the first time, really showing me what it’s like to be in the real world. Good, bad, ...

Zac Brown Band Concert

dog days of summer are over

This is easily the quickest a summer has ever gone by for me. Maybe because spring didn’t come until May in Connecticut, or that once June hit, it’s been nonstop. From finally walking the Brooklyn Bridge to officially moving to NYC. It’s October people. OCTOBER. My 101 things ...

Boston Calling, Alt-J.

boston is calling

Sometimes you just have a weekend so killer you can’t help but keep talking about it. It’s that word vomit, except it feels more like word vomit glitter, like spewing enthusiasm and sparkles at the same time. Not only did the last weekend of September hold promises of kick-ass music ...

Top of the Rock -- Rising #GIRLBOSS


Enjoy every sandwich. This was the quote I had for my instagram profile the past few months. I didn’t think much of it – it just seemed like a casual and kinda witty way to say, “Make the most out of yo’ life, even the tiny shit.” Also, I love sandwiches. But the last few […]

5 reasons to watch the FIFA Women's World Cup

5 reasons to watch the FIFA women’s world cup

This year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup is bound to be a record setter – the level of talent and controversy are enough for an HBO miniseries. Whether you’ve grown up in Soccer City, USA (AKA Portland, Oregon), home to not only the best soccer fans in the country ...

8 essential reads for every #girlboss, by #girlbosses

There comes a time in a gal’s life when she needs either inspiration or just a swift kick in the pants, a lil somethin’ to get her going again. Sometimes it comes in the form of a show (Dancing with the Stars… duh), a quotable quote on Pinterest, or even a phone call from mom ...

welcome to the new RISING #GIRLBOSS!

Well hey! Whether you came here from risinggirlboss.blogspot.com, welcome to the new home of Rising #GIRLBOSS. If you’re finding this through my social media and are new here, welcome to the official website of Julia Jean Kennedy! That would be moi. 😉 image via manny santiago If ...

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Julia Jean Kennedy

Julia Jean Kennedy

Preferring basketball over barbies, travel over tutus, and almost any chatter that could somehow relate back to Harry Potter, Julia is always game for a beer and an impromptu booking of a ticket to a game, country, or even the latest Fast and Furious movie. Here, find random thoughts, tidbits about trips, and occasionally Seattle Seahawks propaganda.

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